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Entry the Thirteenth

For fishhooke.  I am alive!

Entry the Eleventh

So, I'm severely sick of my boss. She has done nothing but antagonize me since I started. And Saturday was so bad, I burst into tears as soon as I got home. That has never happened before. And it sucks, because at times, she can be the most positive and encouraging person in the store. And then she'll just wail on you, and make you feel like garbage.

Everyone keeps telling me to go talk to the district manager about her harassing me, but I'm afraid that if I do, my boss will do something in retaliation, like cutting my hours or something. And I can't afford to have that happen. I'm broke enough as it is.

I'd like to transfer, but I can't because we just had someone transfer from our store. And I'd like to try and find another job, but I don't know if I could get insurance.

Oh, and another huge problem. My mom's company is closing in September. So she's scrambling to find another job, which is really hard even with her credentials, because of how the economy is. So we're both set to lose our insurance through her company.

And my car is getting way too expensive to maintain. I can't pay my car payment on time this month; that's NEVER happened before. I was looking to buy another car, and actually went to a car dealership, but they were AWFUL to me. They'd call and tell me one thing, and I'd go in, sit for over an hour, and gape in disbelief as they denied their words from our conversations. I finally got fed up and was a complete bitch my last visit.

Now, I'm never mean to customer service people. I work in CS, so I know how awful it is when a customer is nasty to you. But I was so pissed off, I was THIS close to cursing out the man who was "helping" me.

So, with all these crappy things happening, I'm waiting for the silver lining to reveal itself.

Entry the Tenth

My kitchen sink is haunted.

I swear it is.

Every three hours or so, it'll dribble a weak jet of water--almost like someone's turned it on very  low--and then it'll stop.  

I'm naming the ghost Mr. Dilke.  And no, that name has no particular meaning.  It simply sounds amusing (and slightly dirty).  


Entry the Ninth

So,  I think I passed my first test in Japanese class.  I feel the need to squeal, but I'm too tired right now.  

I also, despite my better judgement, want to write fanfiction.  I don't write fanfiction.  But I want to.  I want to write a PGSM fanfic.  Which mortifies me, because few people know I still dabble in Sailor Moon.  But, y'know, I totally wouldn't if Rei and Minako weren't so annoyingly gay.  They radiate gay.  They exude gay from every pore on their body.  Especially their PGSM incarnates. 

I'm going to go watch Rei and Minako radiate gay now.

And contemplate writing that one-shot.

I hate you, Naoko.


Entry the Eighth

I decided on a whim to take Japanese this summer.  It was the first day, and I'm already drowning!  All I can remember are lines (strokes of the brush) and a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke, ko.  But I can't figure out how I'm going to memorize the symbols.

I feel like a kindergartener again.  Only dumber.

Man, forget having fun this summer.  All I'll be doing is serving coffee and repeating my Japanese syllables.

Entry the Seventh

I am so awful at updating my journal.  I can't help it!  For one, LJ likes to randomly freeze one me, and I have to end up rebooting my computer.  And two, I'm usually on Facebook.  Facebook's easier to update on.  

So, what's going on with me.  I'm now a Certified Barista (TM) at Starbucks!  It's actually less glamorous than it sounds, but I still feel a silly sense of accomplishment whenever I say it.  Besides work, I'm working on applying for a Creative Writing scholarship at the New York State Summer Writer's Institute.  And it's due in March.  I will now randomly emit dsgruntled sounds and stay hunched over my computer for the remainder of the night.


Entry the Sixth

Since it's been for-eva since I've posted, I decided to fill you lovelies in on what's been happening.

I started working at Tony Roma's after Midtown was closed, but I've quit there to work exclusively at Starbucks.  It's much more fun than Tony Roma's, sans the great ribs.

Mum and I are selling our house to move to the most darling little bungalow in Hendersonville.  Get this--the neighborhood's called Horny Heights.  No joke.  Even funnier, most of the people who live in Hendersonville are retirees.  Dirty-minded old people are the best.

I'm still single, but I'm fine with that.  I haven't found anyone I really want to get to know better, and I have absolutely no time for a girlfriend.  I have myself, and that's good enough for me.

I must go study Emily Dickinson for tomorrow's Lit class.  Until next time,


Entry the Fifth

I am officially twenty.  Gasp!

It's quite odd, knowing that I'll never be a child again.  And I don't necessarily miss my childhood, per se, but the innocence and wild abandon that children have...that I had.  That I'll miss.

Now onto another rant~!  Seems my workplace was closed down by the sheriff for "shady dealings" (as one girl put it so well), so not only am I now without a job, I won't get paid for the time I worked there.    

Being an adult sucks.


Entry the Fourth


It seems Mom isn't kicking me out!  Which means I don't have to be a streetwalker in the ghettos of Charlotte! 

I am unbelievably happy right now.  ...oh, wait, I sti have exams.